Into the Light Mandala: Day 3 - 7

Into the Light Mandala: Days 1-3

While it may seem like I painted the “Into the Light” mandala 3 days in a row, in reality 4.5 years separate day 2 and day 3. As I approach the new year, I have decided to set systems in place so that I paint every day, Monday-Friday…and if I can, on the weekend as well.

Sweet Victory Mandala: Days 3-15

Okay…so as you can see I’m a little behind in posting my progress on the “Sweet Victory Mandala”. As you will also see when you view the slideshow I do a little bit of painting on it each day…usually 15-30 minutes. With so many irons in the fire, taking big chunks of time to paint is too much. However I can find up to 30 minutes a day to paint.