That’s me demonstrating the coloring of one of my mandalas at an outdoor show in Oregon…hence the need to wear boots 🙂

I use this blog site to share, in slideshows, my progress through the different art pieces I create. Some posts show my progress for the day, others show my progress over several days.

I found that when I do art shows and fairs, people, especially kids, would stop by to watch me color. They liked to watch my process and my progress. Some would even come back later in the day to see how far I advanced. So it seemed only natural to make it so anyone could follow along if they so desired.

And of course, if YOU would like to color mandalas, you can find them at MandalasToColor.com

Happy Coloring!

joyfully, Maureen
The Mandala Lady


  1. Hi, your email said that it was “ready”…..a”happy coloring”. Was there an image which could be printed by me and then colored by me? If so, I cannot find it. If not, I just wanted to tell you how beautiful your coloring is….I love the subtle shading which makes it look three dimensional. Thanks, Cheryl

    1. Hi Cheryl, Thanks for you comments about my coloring.

      And yes, there is a mandala to be printed & colored…click on the HOME tab of http://www.mandalaofthemonth.com and at the beginning of the March 2010 post, next to the small mandala image is a “Download the March 2010 Mandala of the Month” link. Just click on it and it will open as a PDF file.

      – Maureen

  2. Hi Maureen,

    We met in the colored pencil class you taught at Keizer Art Association. I was looking forward to your class on snowflakes which unfortunately did not happen. I would love to see what snowflake mandalas look like and maybe learn a bit when you come to teach us next. Soon, I hear!

    Thanks for all your creative inspiration!

    Julie Thoreson

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