Authentic Self Mandala #7: Days 10-12 (done)

By day 12 I completed the penning & inking of this version of the Authentic Self Mandala. When coloring, I average about 45 minutes at a time for each of the 12 days.

People have asked if I find the coloring of mandalas tedious…for me I find them meditative. By doing a section at a time, the coloring of mandalas becomes more about the process than the completion. I love to watch it grow from being a flat outline to becoming a 3-dimensional looking form…as if coming out of a fog or a dream.

So here’s the progress from the final 3 days:

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You can find this mandala to color in my “Floral Mandala Coloring Book” on Etsy.

Happy Coloring!

joyfully, Maureen
The Mandala Lady

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To see the other six versions of the Authentic Self Mandala, visit my Mandala Art site’s symmetry gallery.


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