Color Wheel Project – Part 2

A continuation of the “Color Wheel Project”

Part 1 of this Post explains the project and displays a slideshow of the watercolor version of the “Yellow Jacket” mandala color wheel.

Acrylics “Yellow Jacket” – Golden Acrylic Paints

Color Wheel Colors
Cobalt Blue (PB 28)
CP Cadmium Red Medium (PR 108)
CP Cadmium Yellow Medium (PY 35)
Bone Black (PBK 9)
Titanium White (PW 6)
CMY Colors
Phthalo Blue (PB 15:4)
Quindacridone Magenta (PR 122)
Hansa Yellow Light (PY 3)
Bone Black (PBk 9)
Titanium White (PW 6)
Marker: Sakura Permapaque Black 1.0 mm

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

All-in-all I enjoyed doing this project and will probably play with it some more in the future…trying different brands of paint along with doing them in color pencil, markers, and/or oils.

I hope you found this helpful.

Happy Coloring!


Maureen, The Mandala Lady


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