Rock -> Crystal

In working with a life coach about my fears, I sensed this fear-based energy as a heavy rock half in and half out of my stomach and chest area (solar plexus & heart areas).

We worked through what its job is/was and how it came to be. I discovered that I created this ‘rock of fear’ a long time ago as a way to help me detect when what I was about to do would get me in trouble with my parents, teachers, religious leaders, and other people of authority.

This ‘rock’ became the voice of my protector. “Oh you don’t want to do that…it might upset your mother.”  “You better be quiet in class or the teacher will yell at you.” In my youth and into my teens, this rock served me well.

But some 50 years later, this rock, which actually started out as a pebble, expanded its powers and now keeps me from doing less and less of what I want to do for fear of being ridiculed, made fun of, disregarded, etc. I gave this rock too much power…it’s time for me to take my power back.

I wanted to come up with a creative way to transform this rock, to let it go. I remembered an unfinished painting from 2004 that recently resurfaced. It looks like a multi-color, multi-faceted crystal. I decided to create an art project to transform my rock to a crystal.

Over the summer I found/bought an old round painted wood plaque for 10 cents at our local Habitat Restore (one of my favorite stores in town)…with the intent of doing something creative with it. Turns out it’s the perfect size for my crystal painting. I sanded down the wood plaque and painted it white.

Theses images show my progress from the unfinished painting to completed wall plaque.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I created this project as a fun, creative way to work through my fear. Now I have a visual reminder that while the rock served me well and I’m grateful for all it has done for me, it’s now time to come from a place of the crystal.


Maureen, The Mandala Lady


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