Dream Portal

I created “Dream Portal” for the “Portals – Winter Show & Silent Auction” exhibit that will be taking place at The Art Center in Corvallis Oregon from November 25-December 24. You can preview some of the pieces that will be at the show on the center’s web site.  Already I see it’s going to be a great show.

I took only 3 photos of the piece without any showing the progress. I used blue paint in spray bottles to lay the foundation of the center piece. Then painted dots with multiple colors all over. On the back, I used copper, silver, and gold paint. I forgot to take a picu

In Native American culture, people use dream catchers to protect the sleeper from negative dreams. The hole at the center lets in only positive dreams, while the webbing traps all the negative dreams.
I created my own version of a dream catcher using a decorative hoop found in a treasure (thrift) shop and a doily I crocheted for this project. Normally dream catchers have a simple webbing design, I opted to use this handmade doily.

I love dreams. They shed light on many aspects of my conscious and subconscious mind. Analyzing them gives me great insight into my inner world. I appreciate the idea of being protected while I sleep so that only that which benefits me comes through.

I love crocheting doilies. As a kid I watched my grandmother, fascinated as she crocheted one doily after another while rocking away in her favorite rocking chair. I learned to crochet simple projects around 10 and later learned how to make fancy doilies without realizing they were all a prelude to my love of mandalas.

Mandala means circle; whole and complete without beginner or ending. By themselves, they are spiritual portals. Since, 1999 I created over 150 mandalas, all through meditation and as part of my spiritual evolution and growth, and as a way to help others along their spiritual path.
In this piece, I combined my love of mandalas, doilies, and dream catchers to form this one dream portal.

May you always experience happy dreams.


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