“Beauty” Mandala [1]

On June 28 through June 30, I started painting the “Beauty” mandala which is #5 in the BIMLE series (I’ll explain what that means at another time).  For this painting I’m using watercolor crayons.  However rather than coloring directly onto the paper, I’m grabbing and painting with a wet brush from the crayon.

Structurally, I designed this to have 5 repeated segments.  Normally I use 12.  Even numbered segments give a piece a solid, even shape, using odd numbers does as well…you just need to know how to see it.  With an odd number, one segment is at the bottom (or top), then the remain segments along the left and right sides, mirror each other.  It’s an interesting phenomenon…at least to me anyway.

The basis for the mandala is to see beyond the surface to find the true beauty of someone or something.  Too often I catch myself judging from first impressions rather than taking time to know and understand what/who is before me.

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Happy Coloring!

joyfully, Maureen, The Mandala Lady


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