2010 She Project

We have this annual event call “The She Project” where about 180 women create an 8×10 framed piece of artwork and/or poetry/prose within two hours on the first friday of May.  Each woman is given a unique beginning “she” phrase to use as inspiration for their piece.  We are each to come up with the ending for the phrase.

My beginning phrase is “she bundled up her heart…” and I completed it with “…waiting for love to blossom”

All of the art is then collected and put on display for the month of June in the main meeting room of the Corvallis Public Library.  If you live in the Corvallis area, the reception is scheduled for June 3 from 5:30 – 7:30 pm.

Here’s a slightly fuzzy image of my project…

She Bundled Up Her Heart...
She Bundled Up Her Heart...

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