Space Oddities – Day 6

This is Day 6 of the continuing saga of the creation of the “Space Oddities” project for the 2010 da Vinci Days Avenue of Imagination Community Art Project.

If you missed it, here’s Day 5….here’s Day 4….here’s Day 3…. here’s Day 2 … here’s Day 1.

Second Layer
Second Layer

I put a Second Layer of paper cross-wise on the project base.  For this layer I used paper towels…because I read on the ‘net that it makes a great final layer, the edges are smoother.  At first it was okay and then it turned into a major hassle…by dipping a torn piece of paper towel into the liquid starch, it quickly absorbed the liquid and then the torn edging started to curl.  I also was doing this outside on the patio…where it was windy, adding to the hassle.   After about 30 minutes of this it occurred to me that I could skip the dipping part and just brush on the starch onto the first layer and then lay a piece of paper down, which would immediately attach itself to the liquid.  This made the whole process easier and faster; I also used a lot less starch.  When I finished laying the paper, then I brushed the starch over the entire base, which then blended the paper edges to each other.

Fourth Layer
Fourth Layer

Now on to the Fourth Layer of the body.  When you view the larger version of this image, you’ll better see how the paper towel nicely conforms to the shape beneath it.  As with the base, I brushed on the liquid starch, then added the paper towels.  When all the paper towels were in place, I then brushed a layer of starch over the whole body to blend the papers together.

Forth Layer (2)
Fourth Layer (2)

I’m done with apply the Fourth (and final) Layer.

That’s it for day 6.

Continue on to Day 7…

joyfully, Maureen, The Mandala Lady



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