Space Oddities – Day 4

This is Day 4 of the continuing saga of the creation of the “Space Oddities” project for the 2010 da Vinci Days Avenue of Imagination Community Art Project.

If you missed it, here’s Day 3…. here’s Day 2 … here’s Day 1.

First Layer
First Layer

I’m about to add the second layer.  Here’s what the First Layer looked like after it dried overnight.

Second Layer
Second Layer

For the Second Layer, I used newsprint, the kind you buy in big pads at the art supply store.  On someone’s web site I read this great tip about using a solid color to make it easier to tell what layer you’re working on…very helpful.  I ripped the sheets into 3-ish x 12-ish size pieces.  I laid them on vertically  (versus horizontally like yesterday) starting from the top and working my way down.  Because this paper is thicker than newsprint, it was a bit challenging maneuvering the paper around corners and tight spaces.

Side View
Side View

In this Side View you can better see the vertical strips of newsprint.

Back Side
Back Side

Here’s the Back Side view.  I opted out of laying paper on the inside of the yogurt tubs, they are perfectly shaped for my needs and I plan to spray them with paint that will adhere to plastic.

This layer went a little faster than yesterday…about 3 hours.

That’s it for Day 4.

Continue on to Day 5…

joyfully, Maureen, The Mandala Lady



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