Space Oddities – Day 3

This is Day 3 of the continuing saga of the creation of the “Space Oddities” project for the 2010 da Vinci Days Avenue of Imagination Community Art Project.

If you missed it, here’s Day 2 … here’s Day 1.

Ready To Go
Ready To Go

I’m Ready To Go with the ‘paper mache’ portion of this project.  I taped more rope around the body, about 2/3 the way up, which may be a little difficult to spot in this image.

The Beginning Layer
The Beginning Layer

For The Beginning Layer, I used small pieces of torn up newspaper (about 1″ x 3″), laying them on horizontally.  After doing much research, I decided to use full-strength liquid starch mainly because of it’s ease of use and low cost ($2 for a large bottle)…you just pour out of the bottle into a bowl.  Other options required mixing 1 or more ingredients with water; all are probably fine options…I just wanted something easy.

First Layer
First Layer

Here’s the First Layer of skin…it took me about 3.5 hours.

Back Side
Back Side

Here’s a Back Side view of the completed first layer of skin.

Side View
Side View

And here’s a Side View.

This completes Day 3.

Continue on to Day 4…

joyfully, Maureen



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