“Bangles” Day 72

I finished 4 more sections of orange today.  It’s taking me a lot longer to paint the orange sections than I would like.  The cad. red medium tends to overtake any other colors I uses, in particular that yellows.  I have to put gobs of yellow on because if even a touch of the cad. red touches the yellow, the power of the yellow diminishes rapidly and turns into orange.  That’s okay if I’m trying to make more orange; it’s a problem when I want more of the yellow to show.  Anyway…it’s showing me where I need to practice more and learn how these paints work together.

These two areas are opposite the triangle frame and chevron I painted yesterday.

Close up of orange frame and chevron
Close up of orange frame and chevron

It took me about an hour to paint these two orange frames.  Now that I’m wanting a smoother texture to these areas it takes longer to get a good blend between the cad. red medium, cad. yellow, and dioxazine purple.

Close up of orange frames
Close up of orange frames

Here’s the full view.  Of the oranges, the upper right section of orange is now done as are the two orange triangle frames and chevrons.   I’m expecting to complete the 6 orange sections by day 74.  That’s the plan anyway.

Full View
Full View

Happy Coloring!

Maureen, The Mandala Lady


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  1. Sorry for taknig so long to reply to your comment…Yes thank you…in my haste to get the page up, I forgot the link. It’s now there. Happy Coloring! – Maureen

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