“Bangles” Day 53

I did a major portion of the blue areas…I was able to fine-tune all of the stand-alone blue rectangles and triangles.  For the first layer of blue paint that was added around day 7 or 8, I used ultramarine blue and dioxazine purple.  For the second layer I’m mostly glazing with pthalo blue and dioxazine purple.  In simple terms, glazing is using a thin, watered-down version of the paint.

This is a before photo.  Even though it’s blurry you can still make out how the edges are messy and two of the sides of each of these blue shapes is rather flat.

Before fine tuning
Before fine tuning

The after photo.  You can see that the edges are cleaner and the blue has a richer tone to it.

After fine tuning
After fine tuning

Here you can see all four of the rectangular shapes that have been fine tuned today.  The two blue triangles (out of this view) and the other grouping of blues that are in the lower left section of the mandala (out of view here) were also completed today.

Blue Section
Blue Section

Full view.  Tomorrow I fine tune the six blue diamond shapes.

Full View
Full View

Happy Coloring!

Maureen, The Mandala Lady

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