“Bangles” Day 49

Today (8/1/9)  I participated in the Corvallis Art Guild Clothesline Sale.  Rather than paint today, I decided to display the mandala so that those in the area who are following this project can come view it up close.

On display @ the Clothesline Sale
On display @ the Clothesline Sale

I had a wonderful conversation with this one couple that viewed the painting (Tim & Phyllis).   We talked about Escher and the exhibit that’s currently on display at the Portland Art Museum (Oregon) through Sept 13, which I highly recommend anyone in the Portland area go visit.

I told them that I had yet to determine what will be done in all the white space surrounding the mandala.  Being inspired by our Escher discussion, Tim suggested I do some kind of metamorphosis band about 5-6 inches around the outside of the mandala.  If you’re reading this Tim:  I’m giving it serious consideration and some initial ideas are already popping into my head.

Happy Coloring!

Maureen, The Mandala Lady


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