“Bangles” Day 44

Today I made the foolish mistake of waiting until after 12 noon to paint…for those of you outside of Oregon you may have trouble understanding why that was foolish…as I write this post (3:23 pm PT) it’s 102 degrees outside…in OREGON!  So it was probably in the upper 90’s when I went out to the patio to paint.  Tomorrow I’ll be out there by 8 am…it’s suppose to be even hotter tomorrow…yikes!  We average mid 80’s this time of year around here.

But I digress…the important thing was that I continued to paint the Bangles mandala.  As I stated in yesterday’s post, now it’s all about the fine-tuning.  I continued working the yellow areas, in particular the 3 diamond shapes in the upper left to center of the mandala.

In this close up where I cleaned up the edges of the yellow diamond, along with putting an edge line between the diamond and the upper diamond (which goes out of view) and another line between the yellow and red diamonds in the center.  I also applied another layer of  colors (titanium white, cad. yellow light, cad. yellow, cad. red medium, and diaxozine purple).

Close up of center yellow
Close up of center yellow

For a comparison, here’s a photo of the opposite yellow diamond that is awaiting its fine tuning (tomorrow).

Close up of yellow diamond awaiting its fine tuning
Close up of yellow diamond awaiting its fine tuning

This photo shows the three diamonds I fine tuned today.  For the 2 with the purple centers, I added another layer of colors (same as the center yellow diamond) and cleaned up the outer edges.  If you look at the other shapes in the photo, you’ll see that their edges are messy from the white layer I added to the background a couple of weeks ago.

3 Yellow Diamonds
3 Yellow Diamonds

Here’s the full view.  Tomorrow the plan is to repeat what I did today to the 3 diamonds in the lower right section of the mandala.

Full View
Full View

Happy Coloring!

Maureen, The Mandala Lady


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