Live Mandala Painting: ‘Bangles’ Day 22

Book Bin Bookstore Window Project June 14 – July 5

Today was my last day of painting in the Book Bin Window.   I’ll continue painting this mandala every day until it is done from home.  I’ll continue to post my progress every day as well.

So today I started painting with purple.  I’ll use purple paint (dioxazine purple) rather than mix it from red and blue, which I played with and found it made more of a mauvy color.  This particular purple is rather dark and takes very little of it to make the color appear on the canvas.  My challenge is to put as little as possible on  at first and then gradually add more as needed.  I’m using a spreader medium to help thin out the color a bit.

For the purple sections, I painted all of them with a light first coat, which is different from how I did most of the color other sections where I painted each section to completion.

Here you can see a close-up view of the first layer of purple 3 areas.

Close-up of yellow/purple rectangle
Close-up of yellow/purple rectangle

Once I finished putting the base coat on all the purple areas, I could go back and start the second/final coat of purple.  Rather than brushing on the purple, I dabbed the purple on with small amounts at a time.

A completed small purple diamond
A completed small purple diamond

Here’s a full view of the mandala from within the display window.  The small diamond in the upper left middle section is the only completed purple section, the rest shows the base coat of purple.

Full View
Full View

Last view from the sidewalk.  From now the views will be from my setup at home.

Sidewalk View
Sidewalk View

Happy Coloring!

Maureen, The Mandala Lady


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