Live Mandala Painting: ‘Bangles’ Day 17

Book Bin Bookstore Window Project June 14 – July 5

[I’m 3 days behind in posting this]

After yesterday’s learning experience, I went home and experimented with making green the old fashioned way: with blue & yellow.  Plan C: go buy a new tube of green paint.

Thankfully, using ultramarine blue and cad. yellow light made for an interesting green.  I could layer varying levels of yellow and blue to create varying shades of green (light to dark).

Here’s a close-up of one of the green sections I completed today.

Close up of green shape
Close up of green shape

My general approach to using the blue & yellow is to lay some yellow down first, then quickly dab some blue over it to gradually blend it in with the blue.  I keep adding more yellow to the edge and dabbing it in the center and towards the blue.  I usually have to add some more blue to the dark edge and dab it towards the center.  It’s a back & forth dance between the two colors.

Close up of green frame around red triangle
Close up of green frame around red triangle

The only downside to this method of painting is that it’s going to take me a lot longer to complete this painting than I had planned.   Oh well…that’s the way it goes sometimes.

Here’s a full view.  I completed the center green ‘book’, green triangle frame, and half of the green diamond on the right.  If you look closely you’ll see where I painted over yesterday’s 2 green diamonds on the left.

Full View
Full View

Here’s the view from the sidewalk.

Sidewalk View
Sidewalk View

Happy Coloring!

Maureen, The Mandala Lady


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