Live Mandala Painting: ‘Bangles’ Day 4

Book Bin Bookstore Window Project June 14 – July 5

Today I painted for about an hour and finished up the yellow areas.

This close up image is a little blurry (I forgot to set my camera to micro).  The base color for this is cad. yellow; I added dioxazine purple for the darker shaded areas and white for the highlight.  Four sections of the painting have this shape.

Darker Yellow Section
Darker Yellow Section

Two areas in the mandala have this yellow ‘turnover’ shape.  The next image shows where these shapes are located.  I painted these shapes with cad. yellow light, dioxazine purple, and white.

Yellow Triangles
Yellow Triangles

This full shows all the yellow sections.  This shot was taken on an angle to fit it all into the lens view.

Full View of Mandala
Full View of Mandala

Here’s the view from the sidewalk.

View from Sidewalk
View from Sidewalk

Happy Coloring!

Maureen, The Mandala Lady

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