Tlingit Salmon: 05/22/09 #2 [post 4 of 6]

Since my last post, I have been informed that the art style I’m creating here is Tlingit versus Inuit (5/27 I updated all my posts to change out all Inuit references to Tlingit).   I humbly stand (or sit) corrected.

So in this session I painted the white area, cleaned up the edges, added a second coat of green, and tweaked the red/black areas

Added white & tweaked the rest
Added white & tweaked the rest

Last thing to do on this side is to put in thin black outer lines to the red ovoids at the eye, nose, on the tail, and lower fins.

Then I get to do this all over again on the other side.

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Happy Coloring!

Maureen, The Mandala Lady


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