Tlingit Salmon: 5/21/09 [post 2 of 6]

Today I sketched out the salmon in the style of Inuit Indian Art.  My design came from research on the web in particular, an ebook by Clint Cora “Overview of Pacific Northwest Native American Art”, and from the book “Northwest Coast Indian Art” by Bill Holm

Normally with Pacific NW NA Art the outside shape of their art is usually less detailed.  When I was working on the other salmon (Sammie), I had Gerry cut out two salmons so I’d have one as a backup.  Since I created Sammie in one take, I decided to make use of the extra salmon.

My Inuit Salmon Sketch
My Inuit Salmon Sketch

Using a light gray Derwent color pencil, I sketched the outline onto the primed salmon.  In order for you to be able see the outline, I had to take a close-up photo and darken the image.

Sketched outline on primed salmon
Sketched outline on primed salmon

Now the fun part!  Adding paint.  I used black acrylic paint to put down the first coat of the background.

Painted black background
Painted black background

I have to say I’m liking it already!  More tomorrow.

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Happy Coloring!

Maureen, The Mandala Lady


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