Big Fish: 4/15 [Part 4 of 4]

Okay…onto the final phase of this project.

After Sealant Added
After Sealant Added

I hung Sammie outside to add two coats of clear sealant.  Sammie seems quite happy hanging out on our patio.

Add the glasses & the bling
Add the glasses & the bling

Just too cute for words.

After the sealant dried, Sammie came back inside so I could attach the sunglasses and the bling necklace (yet another madri gras bead strand).  I used the Beacon 3-and-1 clear glue to attach the glasses at the nose and the end of the ear pieces.  For the bling, I glued it at the top of the fish.  Later I added another plastic pearl to the front of the glasses on the nose ridge to cover the gap.

Side view of the sunglasses & bling
Side view of the sunglasses & bling

A better view of the glasses and bling.  Once the glued dried, the glasses and bling are on pretty strong.  Sammies is turning into a real cutie.

Just add water
Just add water

Remember in the first part where I showed the supplies and mentioned the fluffy stuff?  Well here’s where it comes into the project.  I wanted it to look like Sammie was flying above water spray.  I put glue on the bottom of the three fins and tail, stretched out the fluffy stuff a bit and then attach it to the glued areas.

Another view of the 'adding water' step
Another view of the 'adding water' step

Another view of Sammie.

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Happy Coloring!

Maureen, The Mandala Lady



  1. Love your Sammie! Do you think the “water spray” will stay on in the wind? You had some trouble with wind last year, I think. I am stunned that you still had 60 floppy disks, then John said he might have that many still. I, on the other hand, have accumulated some hundreds of junk CDs, so maybe I can make a REALLY BIG FISH. Thanks for posting the progress – such fun.

  2. Hi Mereidth, I’m hopeful about the water spray staying on. The glue I’m using seems to be quite strong. I think it would be GREAT for you to make a REALLY BIG FISH w/CDs…go for it! & have fun with it!

  3. Maureen, this is gorgeous. I look forward every year to your contributions to the da Vinci Days Community Art Project. Thank you for the step-by-step, too!

    1. Thanks, Lainie…I’ll be at the Weds. Farmer’s Market this afternoon (3-7pm) facilitating a “big fish” mural. If you’re in the neighbor, stop by & color a little fish (5″x2″)

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