Big Fish: 4/13 [Part 1 of 4]

I’m doing a fish for the da Vinci Days Avenue of Imagination promotion.  I decided to photo-journal the process.  To date here’s what’s been done.

Sketch of Sammie
Sketch of Salmon

I started by drawing this sketch of a salmon. It’s 32×10.5.  Since most salmon seem to have sad faces, I gave this one a smiley face.  Hey, I’m the artist, I can take liberties if I want 🙂

Download Sammie sketch

Wood Cut-out of Salmon
Wood Cut-out of Salmon

From my 32″ sketch of the salmon, Gerry (my totally significant other), cut out the salmon on 1/4in plywood.

Primed Salmon
Primed Salmon

I then gave it 3 coats of primer, both sides.

Floppy Disks
Floppy Disks

You know those old 3-1/2in ‘floppy’ disks we all accumulated years ago but are reluctant to throw out?  Well I opened mine up (60 of them to be exact), pulled out the floppy part of the floppy disk and removed the center metal piece.

Primed Floppy Disks
Primed Floppy Disks

I used rust-o-leum’s white spray primer that claimed it would stick to just about anything.  Lo & behold, it sticks to floppy disks…and quite nicely I might add.  If you should try this, you’ll need to temporarily secure them otherwise they blow away as soon as you try to spray them.  I used this tacky putty stuff that I use to post things on walls.

Some of the Supplies I used
Some of the Supplies I used

Some of the supplies I used and will be using.  I went to a local thrift shop and bought the plastic pearl necklace and the purple & green beads for a total of $1.25.  Such a deal.

The little sunglasses came from one of our stuffed animals.  Since this photo, I added 2 small ‘pearls’ to the part of the glasses that stick up on top.  I added the glitter trim using the Blue Topaz Sparkly Glitter Glue.  I also have a bottle of Blue Moon Sparkly Glitter Glue.

Our local craft store, Creative Crafts & Frame, had Ceramcoat acrylic paint on sale, so I bought Caribbean Blue, Lime Sorbet, Blue Jay, Pop Pink, and Bahama Purple.  I also bought DecoArt Daffodil Yellow and Dazzling Metallics White Pearl.  I’m gluing things with Beacon’s 3-in-1 advanced craft glue.  Later I’ll show you how I’m using the Natural Accents (the bag of translucent fluffy stuff).

Painted Disks
Painted Disks

I had six colors, so I paint ten disks of each color.  They needed two coats, the purple ones (lower right) needed three coats.

Whte Pearl metallic finish - view 1
Whte Pearl metallic finish - view 1

To all of the disks, I painted one layer of the white pearl metallic finish.  In this view it’s hardly noticeable.

White Pearl metalic finish - view 2
White Pearl metallic finish - view 2

When light reflects off it, it has a nice shimmer.  Hopefully we have bright sunny days for da Vinci Days so that this fish can really shine.

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View Part 4 of 4

Happy Coloring!

Maureen, The Mandala Lady


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