Circles: 3/29/09

I finished coloring in all the spaces on this painting.

Full-View Image
Full-View Image

I took this photo in poor light so it’s a bit grainy.  The last areas that I filled were the upper right hand corner, the lower right hand corner, and then the background areas in the lower left, middle, upper middle, and mid right.

Close-up View
Close-up View

This is the lower left section where I added the background coloring…the yellowish w/redish accents…it looks like a tablecloth or wallpaper.  I used lemon yellow, canary yellow, and yellow ochre for the yellow; black cherry for the shading, and raspberry for the accents.

Close-up View
Close-up View

This is the lower right section where if did the blue, orange, and green (lower right) sections; as well as the background ‘tablecloth’  For the blue I used copenhagen blue, cloud blue, black grape, blender and white.  For the orange, I used canary yellow, scarlet lake, black cherry, and white.  For the green ring, I used canary yellow, true blue, black grape, and white.  For the flat dark green area, I used canary yellow, indigo blue, and black grape.

Close-up View #3
Close-up View #3

In the upper right corner I put in the green, orange, blue sections; along with the maroon-y red and red thing coming out of the bird’s beak…at least that’s how I see it 🙂

The last step will be to go back over it to do some tweaking throughout.  The plan is to have it done by today (3/31/09).

Happy Coloring!

Maureen, The Mandala Lady

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