Circles: 3/22/2009

Today I had a particularly long session of coloring.  Yeah! 

Full-size View
Full-size View

 I did most of the coloring in the upper & mid right section of the painting.  If you look at my last post to this blog for this painting (3/20/09), you’ll see the big difference in this area.  I even took the liberty of changing the color in two areas that were yellow…I made them into green.


Detail View #1
Detail View #1

I did so much coloring that I had to split the detail into two images.  This image shows where I completed two rings of colors to the right of the “bird”, the orange section with the hole in it, the blue that’s behind it, and two patches of green at the bottom.  The patch of green on the right was originally a light yellow ochre color.


Detail View #2
Detail View #2

This image shows the lower half of this coloring session.  Because of the way the four background green sections were colored, it looks like they are all one piece behind the rings that are above them.  Only two of these sections were originally designated as green (upper left & lower right).  The other two were light yellow (lower left) and light yellow ochre (upper right).  

NOTE:  About the greens that I use?  I don’t.  All my greens were achieved by using different shades of yellow and blue.  The greens seem more interesting this way.

NOTE:  Ditto for oranges…All oranges were made with yellows and reds. 

The area I completed is the extension of the greenish-blue cone shape in the right mid-section; the red to orange.  I also changed the light/shadow direction.

NOTE:  To shadow purists….I took extreme liberties with the directions of light and shadow throughout this hole piece.  Rather than be true to only one light source and thus one shadow direction, I put shadows where I felt like shadows wanted to go.

‘Til the next time….Happy Coloring!

Maureen, The Mandala Lady


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