Circles – 12/27/08

It’s been some time since I updated this blog.  I’ve done a considerable amount of coloring since October; lower right side & middle section.

Circles - Full Version
Circles - Full Version

In late October I did some coloring in the lower right section, where the gold ball is on top of the light blue circle.  For the gold ball I used prismacolor black cherry and canary yellow, with a little bit of lemon yellow and white.  The light blue circle has prismacolor cloud blue, copenhagen blue, and black grape.  The larger blue circle underneath, was done with copenhagen blue, indigo blue and black grape.  I used a circular stroke on both blue sections, with the darker blue circle having larger, looser circles. 


Detailed view - right side
Detailed view - right side


In the middle area I did a variety of coloring strokes: burnishing (coloring hard), circular, and line.  The bright red areas were done with prismacolor crimson red.  The more purply reds were done with raspberry.  The wheat-colored area was created using a circular stroke with yellow ochre, goldenrod and canary yellow, with black cherry for shading.  To create the glare/reflection, I add some white.  


Detailed Version - middle section
Detailed Version - middle section

Happy Coloring!

Maureen, The Mandala Lady


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