Circles – 10/23/08

I’m continuing to work in the mid-bottom section of the painting.

Full-size View
Full-size View

Today, I continued with the larger arc that was created with the light gold, light blue and blue sections by adding the gold section.  To get the deep rich gold color, I use prismacolor canary yellow and black cherry color pencils.  In some of the larger sets of prismacolor pencils, a “gold” pencil is usually included.  The problem with that color is that it’s more a metallic brown, it lacks the warmth of what I know gold to have.  Years ago I was playing with yellow and brown as a way to make gold.  It was playing with complimentary colors that I found gold:  yellow and purple make a beautiful gold.  For a lighter gold, use lemon yellow.  You can also get different shade of gold by mixing canary yellow with black grape, which has more blue in it.

Close-up View
Close-up View

Happy Coloring!

Maureen, The Mandala Lady


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