Circles – 10/22/08

In keeping with the flow of the previous coloring session, I continued to color in the mid-bottom section of the painting.

Full-size View
Full-size View

This area has some odd shapes in it and makes it a little more challenging to determine who is going with whom, who’s above and below, and what textures.  So I went with a lighter blue textured background that will be underneath all of the other shapes.  The donut-shaped section is the uppermost area of this section.  The gold and maroon sections are either on the same level or above/below each other.  The next-to-last layer is the light green textured section that ties in with the larger circular arc created by the darker blue textured sections on the left side of this photo.

Close-up View
Close-up View

Happy Coloring!

Maureen, The Mandala Lady


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