Circles – 10/18/08 [Session 1]

During my first session of color today, I continued to color in the lower mid-section.

Full-size View
Full-size View

In this close-up view, you can see where I added the orange and another green section.  In coloring the orange section, I used prismacolor canary yellow and scarlet lake.  I also gave it a more textured and flat appearance.  The texture was created by using a circle stroke to put down the color. The shadow areas of the orange section, were created by coloring with prismacolor black cherry and then coloring over that with the yellow and scarlet lake.

In the green section, to give it a smoother appearance, I used a burnishing stroke (ie: I colored hard into the paper) and really blended the black grape, canary yellow and Copenhagen blue.

Close-up View
Close-up View

Happy Coloring!

Maureen, The Mandala Lady


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